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Our relationship with our EU customers is as strong as ever

Dec 29 2020

All businesses know that the choices any government delivers may not be the choice we would make as individuals and businesses.

However, we have to continue to work with what is placed upon us. From the start of the Brexit talks, Stainless Band has not wavered in its commitment to treating all its customers worldwide with the same service and delivery of high-quality products. We do not differentiate between customers based on where they are located. We have worked hard to maintain delivery deadlines, even within the first few days after Brexit. We are pleased to report that things are settling down now, and supply chains are flowing well. 

After the last 12 months, I am sure like us, it has only heightened the belief that we all share the same world and as such, should unite to keep our economies on the up!

We want to thank all our customers in the UK and our friends in the EU/ROW for their loyalty and continued support.

We hope the remainder of 2021 proves to be successful for us all and we get to see some sunshine soon.