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Message from the Chairman
Environmental Management System
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To be the most beautiful company in the world
Steel is everywhere in people's daily life. Steel becomes a fundamental part of people's existence, underpinning our transportation, housing, water and food supplies, and energy conversion and regeneration. To date, no other material has been able to replace the unique strength, formability, and versatility of steel. Steel materials can provide the best strength-to-weight ratio among various materials currently available to human beings. At the same time, steel materials can be recycled indefinitely, which is also an important ecological feature of steel materials.
Whether it can adapt to the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction will become a watershed in the rise and fall of iron and steel enterprises. Aofeng people have realized the historical mission we shoulder in energy saving and emission reduction. We are taking steps to accelerate our progress. The new system of "environmental management" that the company is building will fundamentally change the decision-making thinking and operation mode of the company. In terms of decision-making, whether it is strategic planning, investment strategy, or business portfolio, the challenges and opportunities under the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction will be given priority; in the operation process, the production process, products and services, and supply chain must be On the premise of quantifying the carbon footprint, re-integrate the value chain, and through the integration of environmental technology, we will do our best to make due contributions to the progress of the industry. The competitiveness of Shandong Aofeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. in the new era of steel will be established by creating a new system of "environmental management" of Aofeng Company.
The products of Shandong Aofeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. have penetrated into thousands of households, and are closely related to your clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Aofeng never forgets its social responsibilities, adheres to the principle of prioritizing the development of employees, communities, and supply chains, adheres to value creation, integrity management, and environmental improvement, strives to be a corporate citizen, and shares development results with all partners. It is believed that with the understanding and support from all walks of life, our development environment will become better and better, and Aofeng people will also repay shareholders and society with a responsible attitude and excellent performance.
New era, new steel, steel makes life better, this is our wish, our pursuit, and our mission. Baosteel is willing to join hands with all sectors of society to make unremitting efforts to build a harmonious society and a beautiful country.