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Zinc coating in Chinese Factory standard

Jun 13 2022

What makes zinc coating reduce to 13g?

Chinese standard PPGI you bought is not pure zinc coating.

The component of PPGI basic metal coating is zincaluminium alloys, only one gram Aluminum add to zinc can make a difference in coating, increase the mobility of zinc coating. That’s why zinc coating can be reduce to 13g.

Give a example, 0.35GI coil The steel product line velocity is 150meters per minute. From 40g coating to 13g coating, the cost of zinc coating can reduce 6.7million  usd/ton per year.

One tips for choose GI

Pure zinc coating at least 40g

The best zinc coating is Free spangle, the result showed that Free spangle obtain well-distribute and delicate membrane, and the combination of spray-paint coating was improved.

The thinnest zinc coating of Real free spangle GI coil is 40g, normal seen in stock is 60g or 80g.

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