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The markets have seen an increase in demand and price

May 07 2021

Prices have increased in the last 4 months, due to a short supply of raw materials combined with an increased demand for products. Nickel and Chrome Iron have seen a rise in price and at the moment, the markets are suggesting the price increase is set to continue. Price increases for all grades have seen a rise of between 20-40% at the start of 2021.

The price increases are here to stay as supply and production issues limit the amount of raw material available. It's not just material prices that have increased, we have seen a dramatic increase in transport costs and packaging materials over the past quarter.

Stainless Bands' great relationships with its reliable supply chain for raw material has proven to be critical, ensuring we can supply our customers and keep their production lines moving. Brexit caused a few delays, but things seem to be smoothing out, and transportation issues are easing. Our commitment to serving customers wherever they are in the world, including the EU remains the same as pre-Brexit and is the heart of everything we do.