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What is the difference between 201 and 301 stainless steel?

Feb 08 2023

Different performance

difference between 201 and 301 stainless steel

1. 201 stainless steel, which has a certain degree of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polishing non -bubbles, punch -free and other characteristics. It is mainly used for decorative management, industrial management, and some shallow stretch products.

The restoration medium is not well resistant, and the chemical medium is poorly resistant to the chemical media such as acid -base salt, so it is not recommended for the environment that is corroded.

2. Different chemical composition

The main difference is the content of nickel and manganese. 301 nickel is 6%-8%and manganese is 2%. 201 nickel is 3.5%-5.5%, and manganese is 5.5%-7.5%. Therefore, 301 is higher in price and corruption than 201, 301 nickel -containing. So more anti -acid and alkali stainless steel performance. Not easy to rust. In the 201, there is no nickel containing nickel. It does not have pH and is easy to rust.

3. Different uses

201 stainless steel is mainly used for decorative management, industrial management, and some shallow stretch products. 301 is mainly used in cold processing status to be able to withstand higher loads, and hopes to reduce equipment components with equipment weight and non -rust. In addition, this steel can easily produce more impact energy stainless steel performance when it is hit by external forces, which will provide more reliable security guarantee for equipment and personnel. 301 is prone to processing hardening when deforming, and is used to require higher strength places.

Extended information:

Stainless steel cleaning and maintenance method

1. The best tool for cleaning stainless steel is the rag and stainless steel oil. After the first step of operation, the stainless steel oil is poured on the rag (note: the stainless steel oil cannot be used too much, otherwise it will leave a trace), and then it will be in it, and then it will be in the place. Wipe the stainless steel items back and forth until all the stains are removed.

2. After this step is completed, you can take a clean rag, and then continue wiping back and forth on stainless steel items (note: no need to apply stainless steel oil) until the stainless steel oil is cleaned and the stainless steel items are brightened. Basically, the entire cleaning work is completed. If there is still a flowering phenomenon, you should repeat the above steps immediately to know until you clean it.

3. For everything, most of its stains will be removed first when cleaning. The commonly used methods are rinsed or wiped. Stainless steel is to choose the method of wiping most of the dust on the surface of the stainless steel. clean.

4. The protection of stainless steel actually refers to their daily hygiene. Simply put, it is to do a good job of cleaning stainless steel. Most people will think that the cleaning of stainless steel is simple. There are actually a big difference when buying, which are caused by cleaning.

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