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How to choose stainless steel plate

Apr 17 2023

Stainless steel plate is a steel plate with good corrosion corrosion capabilities, so many steel plate manufacturers are now increasing the production strength of stainless steel plates. So how do you choose  ?

stainless steel plate

1. Before selecting stainless steel plate , you need to consider the purpose and environment of stainless steel plates. Such as: general use of welded pipes for decoration, general tubes are generally used in fluid transportation. Medical or kitchen should use sanitary stainless steel plates, thick -wall tubes for pressure, generally use 200 series of materials indoors, 304 and other materials for outdoor needs, and 304 and other materials, and other materials, while 304 and other materials are required for outdoor need Materials above 316 are generally used in acid and alkali or coastal areas.


2. When selecting stainless steel plate , the material must be determined. Take 304 materials as an example: A. Analysis from the price, if the 304 material stainless steel plate is even lower than the universal price of 201 materials in the market, it is necessary to identify it carefully, it is likely to be impersonated by other materials; The material "304", and request the manufacturer's quality certificate as a voucher; C. Acidal reagent testing, the material 304 after 30 seconds, 201 becomes black; D, a large number of purchases can be extracted to the national authoritative test center for a large quantities for the national authoritative testing center for conduct Ingredient test testing.


3. Watch whether the color of the outer surface and inner wall is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is even or rough. Generally, this item does not need to be checked. The seamless steel pipe is produced by cold or hot -rolled. In improper operation during the production process, it is easy to produce uneven thickness and cracks. No polishing treatment, if there is no special requirement for the appearance, it will not affect the use.


4. When buying, you should choose products of excellent enterprises through the quality identification system. It is the most direct and effective way to use testimony and good reputation in customers.


5. Inside the rolling tube often appears in the rolling line, and the rolling line. Generally, these cannot be avoided and basically do not affect the use. However, you must choose as little as possible when you buy The inner surface.

6. Be sure to choose large brands of stainless steel, such as Tai Steel, Baosteel Stainless Steel, and some high -quality private steel mills are good choices.

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