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Specifications of Galvanized Steel Ready Stock

Jun 13 2022

The quantity of ready stock galvanized steel is much larger than other kinds of steel coils. Most available specifications are as follows:

1.Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm; most popular ones are 0.8-2.0mm.

2.Width: 1000-1800mm; most popular ones are 1000 1250 1500mm.

3.Grade: DX51D; except that, both deep drawing and structural levels are available.

4.Zinc coating: Z40-Z275

5.Spangle: both zero spangle and regular spangle; zero spangle is more.

6.Coil weight 5-15 tons; most popular ones are 8-10 tons.

7.Inner diameter: 508/610mm.

There are following characteristics with GI stock:

1.Thicknesses below 0.6mm are commonly from private mills while thicknesses above 0.6mm are usually from Chinese governmental factories.

2.Except popular widths, there are many special widths which are very helpful to the clients who will do further processing like slitting, it will save much cost.

3.Except DX51D, there is also large quantity stock of deep drawing grades, DX53D is the most one; as for structural level, HC340/590DP is the most representative.

4.Mainly there are 4 kinds of zinc coating with stock: Z80 Z120 Z180 Z275.

5.Private mills mostly produce regular spangle GI. The regular spangle stock GI is usually structural level; with zero spangle there are both deep drawing and structural level.

6.Along with the zinc coating mass goes from low to high, the spangle turns more vivid and clearer.

7.GI coils from private mills, are mainly passivated with chromium VI; and that from Chinese governmental factories, mostly use chromium-free passivation or with chromium III.

There is hardly any galvanized steel sheets in stock as the demanded sizes are quite different and processing is very convenient. The cost of de-coiling is 150-180 RMB with thickness above 0.6mm, that below 0.6mm, with the thinner thickness cost is the higher. Plus short distance delivery, total cost is about 220-280 RMB.

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